Welcome to the official website of Amanda J.Christos and The Sounds Of Melodies.

Amanda is a wonderfully talented singer and is highly respected within the British Reggae community.

Her band is called The Sounds Of Melodies.

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New single out on 29th June 2024

The Soldier Who Loved Her (Inspired Spare A Little Love Amanda J Christos & The Sounds of Melodies)

Spare A Little Love by Amanda J. Christos & The Sounds of Melodies out now Feb 24 in association with Stingray Records! Hope u enjoy & please feel free to share! Many thanks!! Amanda J. Christos. 😁

DJ Guv General bigging up the new single Spare A Little Love!!


Out on 1 Nov 23 new releases by The Blackstones – RICH MAN POOR MAN – and Amanda J. Christos & The Sounds of Melodies – COME TOGETHER!  Both singles produced by K Murray (RULA Productions) on the Ravers International Label, distributed by Valence Vibes – for your musical pleasure in any weather!


Cherry Oh, Cherry Oh Baby by The Blackstones – new single out for Oct 23 along with Dancehall Fever by Amanda J. Christos & The Sounds of Melodies! Both tracks produced by Leon Leiffer out soon The Blackstones label.


Together We Are Beautiful by Amanda J. Christos & The Sounds of Melodies – out now and available for digital download! In association with Iron Sound Records & The Blackstones! New video below…

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Fresh – new album by The Blackstones!

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Together We Are Beautiful music video released on 17.9.23! Watch it here!


Celebrating 50 Years of The Blackstones we present this spectacular showcase! Featuring alongside us: Frenchie King, Amanda J Christos & The Sounds Of Melodies, The Duke Sparky Melody, Tenna Star, O J Simpson,......

The Blackstones, Frenchie King & Amanda J. Christos with Diane at Radio Fresh FM interview today....